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Wine from the Patagonia Region

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Exploring Patagonia Wine Region

Patagonia is a wine region located at the southern end of South America. The region's climate and soil characteristics bring a distinct flavor profile to its wines, making them unique and worth exploring.

The grapes grown in Patagonia are diverse, ranging from Malbec to Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. With a cool climate and unique soil structures, Patagonia wines exhibit notes of black fruit, dark chocolate, and herbal undertones. The tannins are typically soft and subtle, creating a restrained style and elegant flavor.

To make Patagonia wine, farmers harvest grapes in the cool climate of the region. Winemakers then sort the grapes and ferment them in steel tanks, some of who use oak barrels during the fermentation process to add complexity to the wine.

Patagonia wine pairs well with rich meats and dishes that have a slightly smoky flavor, such as lamb, beef, or rich pasta with tomato sauce. It’s best to serve it at a slightly cooler temperature, around 14-15 degrees Celsius.

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