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Paolo Scavino Wine

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Explore the World of Paolo Scavino - A Premium Barolo Wine Producer

Paolo Scavino is a renowned wine producer, famous for its high-quality Barolo wines that exhibit exceptional characteristics. The company uses predominantly Nebbiolo grapes, which are known for their high tannins and acidity. Here's a closer look at what makes Paolo Scavino wines stand out.

The vines used by Paolo Scavino are grown at high altitudes, allowing for ideal growing conditions that result in a rich and complex flavor profile. The company takes special care to ensure that the grapes are well-ripened and of the highest quality.

Paolo Scavino wines combine traditional winemaking techniques with modern technology, taking a minimalist approach that allows the grapes to shine through in each bottle of wine. The result is a robust, full-bodied wine that delivers a rich taste experience.

The wine gives off a deep ruby color with aromas of cherry, tobacco, and spices, which linger on the palette. You’ll enjoy notes of dark fruits, leather, and licorice with a firm tannin and a long-lasting aftertaste. It’s perfect for meals that feature hearty meat dishes and tomato-based sauces.

Paolo Scavino wines are incredibly versatile, making them a great asset in any wine enthusiast's collection. The wines can be served slightly below room temperature, between 60-65°F, and are best accompanied by meals that feature roasted lamb or beef.

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