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Oxford Landing Wine

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Oxford Landing Wine

Oxford Landing Wine is produced by a family-owned winery in South Australia. The winery uses a combination of modern and traditional methods in their winemaking process, resulting in a unique and refreshing wine.

The grapes used in Oxford Landing Wine have a bright fruit flavor, crisp acidity, and a medium body. Careful selection and slow fermentation help to preserve their unique flavor profile.

Oxford Landing Wine offers a crisp, refreshing wine with a well-balanced, smooth finish. When enjoying this wine, expect flavors and aromas of citrus, peach, and a touch of honey.

Oxford Landing Wine pairs perfectly with seafood, chicken dishes, and salads. Its balanced sweetness makes it a great choice for any occasion.

To fully enjoy the flavors of Oxford Landing Wine, it is best served chilled. Refrigerate the wine before serving, and serve when it's chilled to perfection. Each bottle of Oxford Landing contains 13.5% alcohol.

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