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Montefiore Wine

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Montefiore Wine is the product of a popular brand that makes drinks of its region. It is an excellent representative of Italian wines. Classical technology is used during the production of alcohol, during which temperature conditions are strictly controlled. The company creates sophisticated drinks with a pronounced fruity taste, perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity. There are tropical fruits in the aftertaste. The wine attracts with white flowers, citrus and nutmeg grapes that visibly come through in the grapes. This kind of alcohol is often served as an aperitif. It can be served with desserts and ice cream, fruit slices. Monferrato wine comes from the famous Italian wine region of Piedmont. It is a popular alcohol that has won the love of consumers not only for its quality, but also for its affordable price. Due to the fact that the area consists of soil with a special hydrogeological structure, the vines give good yields. The climate is not quite typical of Italy, as the winters are cooler than the rest of the country. Thanks to this the grapes get enough micronutrients. Monferrato is made from Barbera grapes, which give good yields and do not suffer from fungus. This variety is ideal for making strong wines that have a rich color and high acidity. The aroma is perceptible with currants and smokiness. The variety is also blended with other varieties, resulting in more expensive wines.