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Wine from the Monferrato Region

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Discover the Delicious and Unique Monferrato Wine

Monferrato wine is a distinctive wine made from the grapes grown in the Monferrato region in Piedmont, Italy. This wine is known for its rich flavor, unique aroma, and full-bodied texture. Monferrato is one of the most renowned wine regions in Italy, and its wines have gained popularity worldwide.

The Monferrato region produces numerous grape varieties, including Barbera, Grignolino, and Ruchè. The grapes are known for their unique characteristics, such as high acidity, intense color, and the ability to age well.

To be classified as a Monferrato wine, the wine must be grown and produced in the Monferrato region. It should also adhere to strict rules and regulations to ensure quality and authenticity.

Monferrato wines are made using traditional methods, including fermentation and aging in oak barrels. The result is a rich and sophisticated wine that is perfect for wine enthusiasts and collectors.

The Monferrato wine is full-bodied and has rich aromas and flavors. It offers a balance of acidity and tannins, creating an excellent drinking experience. The wine can be aged, and with time, develops a deeper and more complex flavor.

Monferrato wine pairs perfectly with hearty meat dishes, such as beef, lamb, or game. Pasta with tomato sauce or pizza is also an excellent match for this wine.

Monferrato wine is dry, meaning it has little or no residual sugar. The wine's high acidity balances its depth and complexity, making it perfect for pairing with savory dishes.

Monferrato wine should be served at its optimal temperature, which is between 16-18 degrees Celsius. It should be served slightly chilled or at room temperature.

On average, a bottle of Monferrato contains between 13-15% alcohol.

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