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Mollydooker Wine

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Mollydooker Wines - A Contemporary Approach To Winemaking

The Mollydooker grapes are known for their full-throttle flavors, which are packed with intense fruitiness. The grapes have thick and meaty skins, making them a perfect choice for making big, bold, and robust wines.

What makes a wine a Mollydooker is the process of "power-cooking" the grapes. The winemaking technique involves ripening the grapes to peak maturity and then further ripening them on the vine for an extra few weeks. This results in grapes that are fully ripe, bursting with flavor, and ready for some winemaking magic. The winemaking process of Mollydooker wines is a closely guarded secret, but we do know that they use a unique fermentation process that helps to extract the maximum amount of flavor from the grapes. The wines are then aged in barrels before being bottled.

Mollydooker wines are rich, dense, and bursting with fruit flavors. They are neither too sweet nor too dry, striking the perfect balance between the two. These wines are meant to be enjoyed at the right temperature, so ensure that you serve them slightly below room temperature. Mollydooker wines pair well with rich and hearty foods. They are especially excellent with grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and bold cheeses.

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