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Wine from the Minervois Region

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Discovering Minervois Wine: Characteristics, Taste, and Pairing

The predominant grape varieties used in making Minervois wine are Syrah, Grenache, and Carignan. Syrah and Grenache provide fruity, peppery, and spicy notes while Carignan imparts a robust and bold flavor. Additionally, the surrounding terroir influences the wine's taste, with the rocky and stony grounds emphasizing its minerality and unique mouthfeel.

Minervois wine is typically made using blended grape varieties, with the blending ratio and winemaking techniques determining the final taste. To create the complex flavor profile of Minervois, the grapes undergo a traditional red winemaking process, which involves crushing, fermentation, and aging in oak barrels.

Minervois red wine is usually robust, full-bodied, and complex, with a deep color and dark fruit flavors such as black cherries, blackberries, and wild herbs. It has an earthy undertone with hints of licorice, pepper, and vanilla, leaving a long-lasting finish.

Minervois wine's bold and flavorful taste pairs well with hearty meat dishes, such as roasted meats, stews, and spicy sausages. It also complements strong cheeses, especially blue cheese, and dark chocolate.

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Minervois wine is typically dry.

You should serve Minervois wine slightly below room temperature, around 60-65 °F (16-18 °C).

A bottle of Minervois usually has an alcohol level of around 13-14%, depending on the blend and the winemaker.