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Matteo Correggia Wine

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Matteo Correggia Wine: A Tribute to a Visionary

Matteo Correggia wine is a tribute to an innovative and passionate winemaker who passed away in 2001. With his ultimate goal of showcasing the terroir of the Roero region through his wine, Matteo Correggia's dedication and vision can still be tasted in every sip of his eponymous wine.

The grapes used to make Matteo Correggia wine are primarily Nebbiolo and Arneis. The Nebbiolo grape brings structure and complexity to the wine, while Arneis grapes contribute to the wine's freshness and aroma.

What sets Matteo Correggia wine apart from other wines is the winemaking process itself. The winery combines traditional methods with modern techniques to create a wine that is both elegant and full of character.

Matteo Correggia wine is produced in the Roero region, which is known for its sandy soils and cool climate. This region provides an ideal environment for growing Nebbiolo and Arneis grapes.

When tasting a glass of Matteo Correggia wine, one can expect a full-bodied wine with intense flavors of dark fruit and hints of spice, tobacco, and earthy undertones that linger on the palate. This wine is best paired with hearty meat dishes, such as lamb or beef, or aged cheeses.

Matteo Correggia wine is a dry wine that is best enjoyed at room temperature. It is recommended to serve this wine in a large-bowl glass to allow the wine to breathe. A typical bottle of Matteo Correggia wine has an alcohol content around 14%.

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