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Marco De Bartoli Wine

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Marco De Bartoli Wine: A Unique Flavor of Italy

Marco De Bartoli Wine is a famous brand of wine from Italy, which specializes in making Marsala wine in Sicily. Marco De Bartoli is renowned for producing high-quality, full-bodied and dry wines with a rich and unique taste.

The Marco De Bartoli winery is located in the town of Marsala, which is situated in the west of Sicily in Italy. The vineyards are located in a hilly area near the coast, which provides an ideal soil and climate for the grapes to grow.

Marco De Bartoli Wine is made by using traditional winemaking techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation. The grapes used to make this wine are grown in the vineyards surrounding the winery. The grapes are handpicked, and the juice is extracted and fermented in oak barrels with natural yeasts found in the winery.

When you open a bottle of Marco De Bartoli wine, you can expect to experience a rich and aromatic bouquet with a golden straw-like color. The taste of the wine is full-bodied, dry, and has a unique flavor that is a blend of fruit and floral notes.

Marco De Bartoli Wine pairs perfectly with dishes like seasoned fish, grilled chicken or pork, seafood, spicy dishes, and aged cheeses.

As mentioned earlier, Marco De Bartoli Wine is a dry wine with a unique and robust taste.

It is best to serve Marco De Bartoli wine chilled, as it helps to bring out the unique flavors of this wine. When serving this wine, it is recommended to decant it first to allow it to breathe and release the aromas and flavors.

A bottle of Marco De Bartoli has an alcohol content of 12.5% by volume.

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