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Wine from the Marche Region

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Wine Marche - what you need to know

The Marche wine is popular far beyond Italy and is well established. The region is located in the central part, on the Adriatic coast. Many people associate it with the white wines of Trebbiano and Verdicchio, but there are other varieties as well. To buy a drink from the best brands, you just need to use the serviceVi.Wine.

The first wine was brought to Italy by the ancient Greeks, dubbing the territory "the land of wine. Since then, the drink has been closely associated with the country and has been in demand in various cities. A key role in the development of winemaking in the Marche was played by the geographical features of the region. All provinces have their own unique features (some are near the mountains and others near the sea). There are now several dozen different wines in the Marche. The cultivation of grapes on trees has been abandoned almost everywhere: the vines are let upright in the arches. This helps to protect the fruit from excessive moisture and speed up the harvesting process.The total area of vineyards is more than 16,000 hectares. The region actively produces both white and red wines. Spumante sparkling wines are rapidly gaining popularity. The production method is traditional (no sugar is added for the dry ones). The reds are aged in oak barrels. The whites are aged in steel vats (this helps preserve their natural minerality). Prestigious winemaking areas are DOC for reds "Rosso Conero" and for whites "Verdicchio dei Castelli di Iesi". Popular red grape varieties are Montepulciano, Sangiovese, and Vernaccia, while the whites are Trebbiano, Pinot Grigio, and Verdicchio.

Below are the tasting characteristics:Color. The region is active in the production of white and red wines. The former have a calm, light yellow color, while the latter are characterized by a rich, burgundy color.Aroma. The aroma of a Marche wine depends directly on the selected grape variety. But all wines have herbal, berry and fruit aromas (to a greater or lesser extent).Taste. Notes of fresh berries, fruit, various spices are clearly felt. Marche is famous for its variety. Some varieties are dominated by apple and almond notes, while others feature plum, chocolate and cherry flavors. The strength varies from 8 to 14%.On the company websiteVi.Wineyou can choose and order a drink, the choice is large. Prices are different, depending on several factors, for example, on the type of grapes, and the year of production is also important.

Young light drinks are usually served lightly chilled. They perfectly complement meat appetizers and salads, different kinds of cheeses and fruits. Semi-sweet white is well combined with seafood and vegetable dishes, and dry - with cheese, poultry, and unsweetened desserts. Semi-sweet white is preferred for sweet desserts, fresh fruit and baked goods. Red semi-dry is ideal for meat and vegetable dishes, and dry - for meat, poultry and hard cheese.