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Macabeo Wine

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The Macabeo grape is the French equivalent of the Viura grape. In Languedoc-Roussellion (France) it is used to make quiet (dry, semi-sweet, semi-dry) white wines as well as rose and red blends. The bouquet harmoniously combines hints of fruit and flowers, refreshing tones of lemon zest and apple, ripe melon, slightly salty minerals with hints of sea breeze. The taste is light with a pleasant acidity. The drinks will pair perfectly with shrimp cocktail, baked mussels, sardines, vegetables, apple pie with figs. Buy Macabeo grape wine at Vi.Wine store: we have the lowest prices and only branded drinks. Macabeo Wine is a white grape variety grown in Spain and southern France. It produces soft dry or sweet, fresh wines with sufficient acidity, a light fruity-floral aroma and a rich flavor, which will decorate your leisure time and make the evening more pleasant. To get a light drink, the raw material is harvested early and placed in stainless steel bowls. Thanks to the late harvest and aging in oak barrels it is possible to make alcohol with nutty and honeyed notes. This is a denser varietal, characterized by increased strength. Macabeo wines are traditional dry and sparkling beverages of high quality, which will not leave even the beginners indifferent.