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Littore Family Wine

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About Littore Family Wine

The Littore family's winery is located in Paso Robles, California, in the United States. The family produces high-quality, small-batch wines that reflect the terroir and unique characteristics of the region.

The grapes used in Littore Family Wine are grown on the family's estate vineyard, which is situated at an elevation of 1,400 feet above sea level. The rocky, limestone soil and high elevation create ideal growing conditions for grapes that are rich in flavor and aroma.

Littore Family Wines are made using traditional methods and hand-picked grapes, then aged in oak barrels to develop their unique flavor profile.

Littore Family Wine has a smooth and complex flavor profile, with notes of dark fruit, oak, vanilla, and spice. It is full-bodied with a long and lingering finish.

Littore Family Wine pairs well with grilled meats, pasta dishes, and strong cheeses, thanks to its bold flavor profile.

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