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Ligas Wine - A Family-Owned Winery

Ligas Wine is known for its natural wines that reflect the unique terroir of Northern Greece. The winery is certified organic and biodynamic, and only natural methods are used to cultivate the grapes and make the wine. The grapes used to make Ligas Wine are indigenous to Greece, and some of the most common grape varieties include Xinomavro, Limniona, Roditis, and Assyrtiko. These grapes are known for their high acidity and complex flavors.

What makes a wine a Ligas Wine is its commitment to natural winemaking practices. Ligas Wine uses only native yeasts and avoids any intervention that could alter the wine's natural flavor. Unlike conventional winemaking, where chemicals and additives are used to manipulate the wine, Ligas Wine lets nature take its course.

Ligas Wine is full of flavor and character. With high acidity, bright fruit flavors, and savory undertones, Ligas Wine is sure to be a treat for your taste buds. Some of the most common flavors and aromas found in Ligas Wine include red berries, citrus, and herbs.

Ligas Wine is a versatile wine that can be enjoyed with a variety of foods. It pairs particularly well with grilled meats, pasta dishes, and fresh salads. The winery produces dry wines, so if you're wondering about the sweetness of Ligas Wine, you can rest assured that it has none. When it comes to serving Ligas Wine, it's best to serve it at room temperature or slightly chilled.

If you're interested in trying Ligas Wine for yourself, you can buy it online from the Vi.Wine marketplace. Simply order your favorite bottles with just a few clicks and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Why not try a bottle of Ligas Wine today and experience the natural flavors and aromas of this unique wine?