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Leth Wine

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Leth Wine: A Unique Austrian Wine

Leth wine uses grapes of exceptional quality, grown in the Kamptal region's diverse terroir. The soil, climate, and topography in the region contribute to the distinctiveness of the grapes used in the wine.

Leth wine is made using traditional winemaking methods, varying with each wine. The winemakers' attention to detail and dedication to their craft is evident in the taste and quality of their wines.

Leth wine offers a unique taste and aroma, characterized by a wide range of flavors like citrus, tropical fruit, green apple, and pear. The taste could vary depending on the type of wine.

Leth wine pairs well with a variety of dishes, including cheese, fish, chicken, and pork, making it perfect for different tastes and preferences.

Leth wine varies from sweet to dry, with each wine offering a unique flavor and taste. White wines should be served chilled at about 50°F to 55°F, while red wines should be served at a temperature of 62°F to 68°F.

Leth wine ranges from 11% to 14% alcohol content, depending on the type of wine.

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