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La Madonnina Wine

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La Madonnina Wine

La Madonnina wine is named after the Madonna statue that watches over the vineyards where the grapes are grown. It is a blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Croatina grapes, carefully crafted using traditional winemaking methods.

La Madonnina wine has a rich and complex flavor profile. It is characterized by notes of cherry, raspberry, and plum, with hints of leather, tobacco, and spicy oak. The wine is medium-bodied, with firm tannins and a long finish.

The winemakers at La Madonnina follow traditional winemaking methods. They hand-harvest the grapes and gently crush them, fermenting the must at controlled temperatures to preserve the wine's aromas and flavors.

La Madonnina wine pairs well with grilled meats and hearty stews, among other foods. It is best served slightly below room temperature to allow the wine's flavors to shine.

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