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Wine from the Khvanchkara Region

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Khvanchkara Wine - Georgia's Heritage

Wine is a national treasure and a traditional Georgian drink that no dinner party can do without. Hvanchkara wine is of great interest. It belongs to the group of natural semisweet wines, which means that it does not contain added sugar. You can purchase this unique drink on the Vi.Wine website, and the price varies depending on the brand and year of harvest.

The history of Hvanchkara wine is long and fascinating. In 1907, it won an award at an international exhibition in Belgium and was given the token of King Leopold II. Since then, the drink has been actively produced in Georgia since 1932 under the brand name, and in 2012, the government of the country approved the rights to the brand. The secret of the drink's unique taste lies in the location and technology of preparation. The grapes are harvested when they reach a sugar content of 21-23%. After crushing, the juice and pulp are not separated, and the mixture is transferred into clay jugs, or kvevri, where it begins to ferment. The cold winters in the Racha-Lechkhumi zone stop the fermentation process early, preserving the natural sweetness of the drink. Before bottling, the wine is pasteurized for transport stability. Using this technology, about 10,000 bottles of wine are produced each year.

Below are the tasting characteristics:
  • Color: Hvanchkara wine has a rich, dark ruby color.
  • Fragrance: The aroma of the wine is characterized by notes of raspberry, mountain violet, velvet rose, and herbal echoes.
  • Taste: The drink has a juicy, characteristic velvety flavor and a typical varietal bouquet. The strength is 11-12%, and the sugar content is 3-5%.
On the Vi.Wine website, you can find a large selection of products and choose the store where you plan to buy or order this unique drink.

Hvanchkara wine is best served chilled at a temperature of 12-14°C in wide, high-bowled glasses on a long stem. It pairs harmoniously with hearty meat and poultry dishes, khachapuri, cheese (of different kinds), sweet desserts, fruit, and nuts. However, it is not recommended to pair it with fish.