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Karthauserhof Wine

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Karthauserhof Wine: A World-Class Wine Made from Riesling Grape

Karthauserhof Winery has a legacy of over 700 years and is known for producing world-class wines. The winery creates distinctive and unique wine with Riesling grape, which is grown in the region.

Riesling grape is known for its unique aromatic, fruity flavors and natural acidity. It can be produced into a range of styles, from bone dry to sweet, which makes it a versatile grape.

The winery uses traditional methods to produce Karthauserhof wine. Only the best grapes are selected for fermentation and then aged in oak barrels to develop its unique flavor.

Karthauserhof wine has a distinctive taste with flavors of citrus, green apple, peach, and honey. It is also known for its minerality that adds a unique element to its taste.

Karthauserhof wine pairs well with seafood dishes, lighter meats such as chicken and pork, and even spicy foods, due to its natural acidity.

The best way to serve Karthauserhof wine is chilled between 8-10°C, which highlights its crisp and refreshing qualities.

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