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Johannes Zillinger Wine

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Johannes Zillinger: A Sustainable Winemaker in Austria

Johannes Zillinger, an Austrian winemaker, has gained a reputation for producing high-quality, sustainable wines using biodynamic techniques. The winery, located in Weinviertel, uses only organic and biodynamic farming methods to grow their grapes, resulting in unique and vibrant flavors. The winemaking process at Johannes Zillinger is a blend of traditional and modern techniques, producing wines that showcase the natural characteristics of each grape variety. The grapes are known for their high acidity, lending the wines a crisp and refreshing taste.

Johannes Zillinger wines are versatile, pairing well with seafood, white meats, and vegetarian dishes. Often enjoyed in the summer months, the wines are dry, light, and refreshing. They should be served chilled, and the alcohol content usually ranges between 12-13%.

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