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Japanese Wine

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Japanese Wine

Japanese wine is an alcoholic beverage that is made from plums and grapes. Plum wines are characterized by their increased strength, which can reach up to 15%. They are highly valued for their unique and indescribable taste, and are best enjoyed on the rocks or chilled. The most famous variety of wine produced in Japan is Koshu. This wine can often be found in expensive restaurants, as it is produced in limited quantities due to the limited space available for growing vines in the country. Despite this, Japanese winemakers have researched popular winemaking techniques and have learned to create original wines that have managed to win the trust of consumers.

What Makes Japanese Wine Different?

  • Made from plums and grapes
  • Plum wines are highly valued for their unique taste and increased strength
  • Koshu is a famous variety of Japanese wine produced in limited quantities
  • Japanese winemakers have learned to create original wines

What People Like About Japanese Wine

  • Unique and indescribable taste
  • Increased strength of plum wines
  • Originality of Japanese wines
  • Availability of Koshu wine in high-end restaurants