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Il Marroneto Wine

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Introducing Il Marroneto Wine

Il Marroneto is a premium wine from Italy's famed wine region of Montalcino. Made from 100% Sangiovese grapes grown in the estate's vineyard, this wine is known for its exceptional quality and refined taste.

The characteristics of Il Marroneto grapes are small in size, thick-skinned, with bright, vibrant colors. The grape is known for its impressive aromatics, great structure, and excellent balance between sugar and acidity.

To make Il Marroneto wine, the grapes are handpicked, sorted, and destemmed. Then, the must undergoes a fermentation process in stainless steel tanks before being aged in oak barrels for up to 36 months.

Il Marroneto is known for its refined, elegant taste, with notes of cherry, red berries, and spice, along with a persistent finish. The wine has a rich, full-bodied texture with soft tannins, making it an excellent wine for aging. Il Marroneto would pair well with roasted meats, game, mushroom risotto, and aged cheeses. This wine is considered dry, making it perfect for those who prefer a less sweet flavor.

It's best to serve Il Marroneto wine at room temperature between 60 and 65 Fahrenheit to allow the wine to express its full aroma and flavor. A bottle of Il Marroneto has approximately 14% alcohol by volume.

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