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Grupo Penaflor Wine

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Grupo Penaflor: A Renowned Wine Producer from Argentina

Grupo Penaflor is a distinguished wine producer in Argentina that has been in the wine industry for over 100 years. Their wines are known for their exceptional quality and unique characteristics that showcase the Argentine grapes. The company has vineyards in three distinct regions in Argentina, namely, Mendoza, San Juan, and Salta, each with its own climate and soil that contribute to the distinct taste and aroma of their wines.

Grupo Penaflor carefully selects and grows their grape varieties in their vineyards. Hand-harvested grapes are processed to ensure that natural flavors and aromas are retained. Grupo Penaflor produces a wide range of wines from crisp whites to full-bodied reds. They use various techniques like oak barrel aging and malolactic fermentation, giving their wines a unique flavor and distinctive taste that sets them apart from others.

Grupo Penaflor wines have a bold and complex flavor with notes of dark fruit, chocolate, and vanilla. They are versatile when it comes to food pairings, going well with a juicy steak or fine cheese. Their wines vary in sweetness and dryness, depending on the variety. Malbecs are usually dry, while sweeter wines like Torrontes are also available.

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