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Georg Mosbacher Wine

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Georg Mosbacher Wine: Exceptional Wine from a Dedicated Family

Georg Mosbacher grapes are renowned for their aromatic, delicate and fruity taste, which is due to the vineyards being located around the Deidesheim region. The climate of this region, combined with the soil, plays a significant role in how these grapes are grown and their distinct taste.

Georg Mosbacher Wine is made using the Riesling grape variety, which is hand-harvested and carefully selected to ensure quality. The grapes are gently pressed, and the juice is gradually extracted in stainless steel tanks without any external intervention. After fermentation, the wine is left on fine lees and filtered to ensure a clean finish.

Georg Mosbacher Wine is a dry white wine with a fruity, floral aroma and hints of minerality. It has an excellent balance between sweetness and acidity, making it a versatile wine that suits a range of dishes. This wine pairs well with seafood, white meats, and salads.

Georg Mosbacher Wine is best served chilled at 7-9°Celsius (45-48°Fahrenheit). A standard bottle of Georg Mosbacher contains 12% to 14% alcohol.

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