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Frederic Esmonin Wine

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Frederic Esmonin Wine: A Guide to this Renowned Burgundy Winery

Frederic Esmonin is a famous French winery located in the Côte de Nuits region of Burgundy. This family-owned winery has been producing wine since 1826 with a legacy of exceptional quality and taste.

The winemakers at Frederic Esmonin use only the finest Pinot Noir grapes that grow on their vineyards. The grapes are carefully picked and selected by hand to ensure maximum quality and flavor.

The winemaking process at Frederic Esmonin is meticulous and honed over generations to produce elegant, complex, and terroir-driven wine. Frederic Esmonin wine is characterized by its deep ruby color, intense aroma, and earthy, fruity aroma.

Frederic Esmonin wine comes from the Côte de Nuits region in Burgundy, France. This region is famous for producing some of the most sought-after wines globally, and Frederic Esmonin is no exception.

Frederic Esmonin wine is made by traditional Burgundian winemaking techniques, which involves fermenting in oak barrels that lend the wine its smoky and spicy character.

Frederic Esmonin wine is known for its intense aroma, subtle tannins, and its well-balanced acidity. The wine has notes of blackberry, raspberry, oak, and a hint of vanilla.

Frederic Esmonin wine pairs exceptionally well with roasted meats like beef, lamb, and duck. It is also a perfect match with mature cheeses, wild mushrooms, and truffle dishes.

Frederic Esmonin wine is a dry wine with minimal residual sugar.

It is best to serve Frederic Esmonin wine chilled but not too cold (around 55-60°F). Allow the wine to breathe for at least 20 minutes before serving.

A bottle of Frederic Esmonin contains 13% alcohol.

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