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Fontana Candida Wine

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Discover Fontana Candida: A Premium Italian Wine

As a wine marketplace, Vi.Wine provides the best wines from all over the world to fulfill your preferences. Our range of wines includes a premium Italian wine called Fontana Candida, which is made from the Malvasia grape variety that grows in the Lazio region of Italy.

Fontana Candida wine is made by first harvesting the Malvasia grapes from the vineyards in Lazio, Italy. The grapes are then crushed to produce the must, which is then filtered and fermented in stainless steel tanks for a period of time. The wine is fermented twice and aged in oak barrels before bottling.

What makes Fontana Candida wine unique is its delicate taste profile that cannot be replicated. This white wine has a refreshing citrus aroma with a hint of white floral notes. It is dry in taste and goes well with seafood and chicken dishes. With a moderate alcohol percentage of 12%, it is best served chilled at a temperature of 10-12°C in a slim white wine glass to preserve its flavors and aroma.

At Vi.Wine, you can easily order and buy Fontana Candida wine online for a special occasion or to enjoy with a delicious meal. We guarantee only the finest quality wines for our customers.

In conclusion, Fontana Candida is a premium Italian wine with a unique taste profile that you won't find anywhere else. Order a bottle today on Vi.Wine and enjoy the taste of Italy in the comfort of your own home.