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Phantom Wine

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Phantom Wine

Phantom wine is a premium brand created by Vedernikov Winery in collaboration with the famous sommelier Artur Sarkisyan. The drinks are made from Cabernet Sauvignon grape, as well as the autochthonous variety Krasnostop Zolotovsky, making it unique and popular among wine connoisseurs. The collection is replenished only in the most optimal periods for winemaking, ensuring that the wines are of high quality. Currently, the brand offers only three red dry wines. While the price of a bottle is higher than average, its organoleptic qualities make it worth the price.

Below are the tasting characteristics of Phantom Wine:
  1. Color: The wine has a deep red color.
  2. Scent: The wine has a distinct scent of dark fruits, with a hint of spices.
  3. Taste: The wine has a unique and expressive taste, with a balanced mix of fruity and spicy notes. It has a long and persistent aftertaste.

  • Unique and expressive taste
  • High quality
  • Made from autochthonous grape variety
  • Replenished in optimal periods for winemaking
Phantom wine is a great choice for special occasions and for those who appreciate unique and high-quality wines.