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Doudet Naudin Wine

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Doudet Naudin Wine

Doudet Naudin wine is a French wine produced in the Burgundy region. The vineyard is located in the heart of the Cote de Beaune and covers 13 hectares over the communes of Puligny-Montrachet, Chassagne-Montrachet, and Meursault.

The Doudet Naudin wine is made from Chardonnay grapes, which are known for their rich and complex flavors. The grapes are harvested manually and undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure only the best are used for winemaking. The winemaking process for Doudet Naudin wine involves the use of traditional methods. The grapes are pressed gently and fermented in oak barrels where they are left to age for up to 18 months. This produces a wine that has a rich, velvety texture and a golden color.

When you taste Doudet Naudin wine, you can expect to experience a harmonious balance of flavors. It has a bright acidity with notes of citrus fruits and a delicate hint of toastiness. The wine has a full-bodied mouthfeel with a long and lingering finish.

Doudet Naudin wine pairs well with a wide range of food, including seafood, poultry, and creamy pasta dishes. The wine is dry and should be served chilled at a temperature of between 10-12°C. It has an alcohol content of 13%.

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