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Dominio Del Plata

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Dominio Del Plata Wine by Susana Balbo Wines

Dominio Del Plata is a renowned wine produced by Susana Balbo Wines in Argentina. This wine is known for its exquisite taste and aroma that pleases the palate of wine lovers.

The grapes used in making Dominio Del Plata wine are grown in high altitude vineyards located in Mendoza, Argentina. The region's warm and sunny climate paired with cool Andean breezes creates the perfect weather for the grapes to ripen and develop. The grapes used to make this wine are 100% Malbec, which gives the wine its unique features.

The winemaking process for Dominio Del Plata wine takes place in stainless steel tanks. Once the fermentation process is complete, the wine is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months. The wine goes through a second fermentation process called malolactic fermentation, which softens the acidity and enhances the flavor.

Dominio Del Plata wine is ruby red in color and has a fruity aroma with a hint of spices. The taste is smooth and well-balanced, with hints of vanilla and chocolate. The tannins are firm, giving the wine a great structure and a long finish.

The medium to full-bodied Dominio Del Plata wine pairs well with a variety of foods, from steak and lamb to pasta and cheese. The wine's high tannin content makes it an excellent complement to dishes with bold flavors.

Dominio Del Plata wine is dry, which makes it a great accompaniment to savory dishes.

Dominio Del Plata wine should be served at room temperature, ideally between 60-65°F. This allows the wine to showcase its flavors and aroma fully.

A bottle of Dominio Del Plata wine contains 14.5% alcohol.

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