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Dominio De Tares Wine

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Dominio De Tares Wine

Dominio De Tares wine is a Spanish wine that is widely appreciated for its unique character and taste. Made from a blend of Mencia and Garnacha Tintorera grapes, it is known for its complexity, balance, and elegance.

Mencia is known for its deep color and structure, while Garnacha Tintorera brings a fruity and spicy character to the wine. The combination of these two grapes creates a wine with intense aromas of blackberries, red fruit, and spices.

Dominio De Tares wine is made with grapes grown in the Bierzo region of Spain. The vineyards sit at an altitude of around 500 meters, where the soil is rich in clay, limestone, and slate. The grapes are carefully harvested and processed to produce this unique wine.

Dominio De Tares wine is from the Bierzo region of Spain, an area in the northwest part of the country. This region is known for its cool, rainy climate, which creates the perfect growing conditions for the grapes that are used in this wine.

The grapes for Dominio De Tares wine are first harvested and sorted by hand. After the grapes are destemmed and crushed, they are fermented in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then aged in oak barrels for around 12-15 months before it is bottled.

Dominio De Tares wine is known for its intense aromas of red and black fruit, along with hints of spices and vanilla. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, with a smooth and velvety texture. The tannins are well-structured, giving the wine a long and satisfying finish.

Dominio De Tares wine pairs well with a variety of foods, including grilled meats, stews, and aged cheeses. The wine's bold flavors complement rich and hearty dishes, making it an excellent choice for a special meal or celebration.

Dominio De Tares wine is a dry wine, meaning it has little to no residual sugar. This makes it an excellent choice to pair with savory foods.

It is best to serve Dominio De Tares wine at around 16-18°C. This will allow the wine to fully express its aromas and flavors. You can decant the wine before serving to allow it to breathe and open up.

A bottle of Dominio De Tares wine typically has an alcohol content of around 14%.

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