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Domane Wachau Wine

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Domane Wachau Wine is a world-renowned wine brand that comes from the Wachau region of Austria. The region is well known for its steep terraced vineyards along the Danube river, which produce high-quality grapes with unique characteristics that are reflected in the wine.

The winery follows traditional winemaking practices to produce wines of the highest quality. The grapes are harvested at the optimal time and carefully sorted to ensure only the best ones are used. The juice is then fermented using natural yeast to allow for a full expression of the grapes' character. The wine is aged in stainless steel tanks or used oak barrels to further develop its flavor and aroma.

Domane Wachau Wine is a dry wine that has a crisp, refreshing acidity with a noticeable mineral note. It has a complex bouquet of citrus, green apple, and stone fruits like apricot and peach. The wine has a delicate balance of fruit and acidity that makes it suitable for a wide range of food pairings like shellfish, poultry, and spicy Asian dishes. The wine has an alcohol content that varies between 12.5% and 13.5%, depending on the vintage and grape variety used.

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