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Domaine Follin-Arbelet Wine

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Domaine Follin-Arbelet Wine: An Excellent Choice for Wine Enthusiasts

Domaine Follin-Arbelet is known for its Pinot Noir grapes, which are grown in the Cote de Beaune region of Burgundy, France. These grapes are known for their fruity and earthy flavors, as well as their delicate tannins.

Domaine Follin-Arbelet wine is made with only the finest Pinot Noir grapes from their own vineyards. These grapes are carefully harvested and fermented in oak barrels, resulting in a wine that is rich, complex, and elegant.

Domaine Follin-Arbelet wine is from the Cote de Beaune region of Burgundy, France. This region is known for its premium red and white wines, and Domaine Follin-Arbelet is no exception.

The grapes used for Domaine Follin-Arbelet wine are hand-harvested and carefully sorted to ensure only the best quality grapes are used. Once the grapes are sorted, they are fermented in oak barrels for several months before being bottled and aged further.

When you taste Domaine Follin-Arbelet wine, you can expect to experience a combination of fruity and earthy notes. The wine is also known for its complex aroma and elegant finish.

Domaine Follin-Arbelet wine has a fruity flavor profile with notes of cherry, raspberry, and blackberry. You'll also notice earthy undertones like mushroom and forest floor, which add complexity to the wine.

This wine pairs well with a range of dishes, including roasted chicken, lamb chops, and grilled salmon. Its delicate tannins make it a great option to serve with a cheese board or charcuterie platter as well.

Domaine Follin-Arbelet wine is dry, with a low residual sugar content. This makes it a great option for those who prefer dryer wines.

Domaine Follin-Arbelet wine is best served slightly chilled, around 14-16°C. This will help bring out the wine's complex flavors and aromas.

Domaine Follin-Arbelet wine typically has an alcohol content of around 13%, which is standard for Burgundy wines.

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