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Domaine Ernest Burn Wine

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About Domaine Ernest Burn Wine

Domaine Ernest Burn wine is a well-known and distinctive wine hailing from the Alsace region of France. This historic wine has been produced by the Ernest Burn family for over 4 generations. The vineyards of Domaine Ernest Burn are situated on hillside slopes, which provide exposure to sun rays resulting in premium grapevines.

The Domaine Ernest Burn wine is characterized by its complex and diverse grape selections like Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris. Depending on the grape variety, it offers an array of flavors ranging from fruity, honey, floral to citrus notes.

To get a wine labeled Domaine Ernest Burn, the grapes must come from their own vineyards, and the winemaking process follows traditional Alsatian methods. This process mainly involves meticulous grape selection, slow fermentation, and maturation in wooden barrels or stainless steel.

The Domaine Ernest Burn wine is an excellent experience in every sip. Depending on the grape variety, the Riesling offers fruity notes of pear, apricot, and green apple with a mineral backbone. The Gewürztraminer offers a bouquet of rose, lychee, and orange blossom flavors with a mix of honey and spice on the palate. Compared to these two, the Pinot Gris is more full-bodied, with a rich texture and flavors of stone fruit and tropical notes. When it comes to pairing Domaine Ernest Burn wine with food, it's versatile and goes well with various dishes. The Riesling pairs perfectly alongside spicy foods, seafood, and poultry. For spicy Asian dishes, grilled sausages, and cheese, the Gewurztraminer is the ideal choice. Lastly, Pinot Gris would make an excellent pairing with creamy dishes & light meats along with roasted pork and risottos.

Domaine Ernest Burn wine is generally dry, with a little hint of sweetness, which depends on the grape variety and vintage. The white wines should be served chilled at 11-12°C, whereas the reds are best served slightly warmer at 14-15°C.

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