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Domaine De L'octavin Wine

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Discovering Domaine De L'octavin Wine

Domaine De L'octavin wine is a natural wine produced from organic and biodynamic grapes without any additives or preservatives. Alice Bouvot, the producer, aims to create an authentic taste that reflects the true characteristics of the grapes.

The grapes used for Domaine De L'octavin are grown organically and biodynamically, ensuring that they are of the highest quality.

Domaine De L'octavin is produced with carefully selected grapes and traditional techniques without the addition of sulphites, sugar, or any other additives. This approach results in a natural wine that reflects the unique characteristics of the grapes.

Domaine De L'octavin is produced in the Jura region of France, specifically in the charming village of Arbois, known for its exceptional wines and beautiful countryside.

Domaine De L'octavin is made using traditional techniques, including handpicking, destemming, and fermentation with wild yeasts in old oak barrels. The wine is then aged for 12-18 months, depending on the vintage.

Domaine De L'octavin has a fresh, lively aroma with a hint of minerality and light, tangy taste with crisp acidity, making it perfect with shellfish, raw fish, white meat, fresh salads, cheese, and charcuterie.

Domaine De L'octavin is best served chilled, between 10-12°C. It's also advisable to decant it for a few minutes before serving to allow it to breathe and open up.

The alcohol content of Domaine De L'octavin varies depending on the vintage, but typically ranges from 11-12%. Now that you know everything about Domaine De L'octavin wine, it's time to buy it online from Vi.wine marketplace, where you can find a variety of wines, including this amazing natural wine. Order your favorite bottle of Domaine De L'octavin today!