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Domaine A.-F.Gros Wine

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Domaine A.-F.Gros is a winemaker from Vosne-Romanée, a small commune in the Cote d'Or wine region of Burgundy, France. The winery produces elegant and refined wines using traditional winemaking techniques.

Characteristics of Domaine A.-F.Gros Grapes

Pinot Noir grapes used by Domaine A.-F.Gros are known for their soft tannins, high acidity, and fruity notes of berries, cherries, and plums.

Chardonnay grapes have a citrusy, floral aroma, with a taste of apples and pears.

How Domaine A.-F.Gros Wine is Made

Domaine A.-F.Gros wine is made using traditional Burgundian winemaking techniques. The grapes are handpicked, sorted, and de-stemmed before being fermented with natural yeasts. The wine is then aged in French oak barrels for 12-18 months, where it develops a complex flavor profile.

What to Expect from Domaine A.-F.Gros Wine

Domaine A.-F.Gros wine is elegant, refined, and has a delicate balance of fruit, acidity, and tannins. The Pinot Noir has a bright, juicy finish with notes of black cherry, raspberry, and spice, while the Chardonnay has a creamy texture with flavors of lemon, green apple, and minerality.

Food Pairings for Domaine A.-F.Gros Wine

Domaine A.-F.Gros Pinot Noir pairs well with grilled or roasted meats, game, mushrooms, and soft cheeses. The Chardonnay is excellent with seafood, poultry, pork, and creamy sauces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Domaine A.-F.Gros wine is a dry wine. It has no residual sugar, and the tannins provide a slightly bitter finish.

Domaine A.-Fros wine should be served slightly below room temperature for the red wine and chilled for the white wine. The ideal serving temperature for the red wine is around 60-65°F, while the white wine should be served at 50-54°F.

Domaine A.-Fros wine has an average alcohol content of 13-14%. If you are looking to buy or order Domaine A.-Fros wine online, you can find it on the Vi.Wine marketplace. Our selection of fine wines is unparalleled, and we offer delivery right to your doorstep. Don't hesitate to buy the wine you choose from our website, and taste the exceptional quality that Domaine A.-Fros has to offer.