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Conti Serristori Wine

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About Conti Serristori Wine

The grapes used to make Conti Serristori wine come from the impressive vineyards of the Conti Serristori estate. Known for their unique terroir and winemaking traditions that date back to the 15th century, the estate produces exceptional wines. The primary grape used in the production of Chianti Classico Conti Serristori is Sangiovese, which has a distinctive cherry flavor that enhances with ageing.

The winemaking process of Conti Serristori wine is closely monitored to ensure the highest possible quality using modern and innovative techniques. The fermentation and aging of the wine take place in the traditional cellar of the estate.

Conti Serristori wine has a deep ruby red color with violet reflections, and its aroma is complex and intense, with hints of black cherry, red fruit, and spicy notes, making it a perfect wine to pair with food. It is a dry wine and is best served at room temperature. Every bottle of Conti Serristori wine has an alcohol content of approximately 13.5%.

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