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Wine from the Cognac Region

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Cognac Wine - As Good as Brandy

Cognac wine, made in the famous French region of Cognac, is a type of grape brandy that is strictly controlled to ensure high quality. Service Vi.Wine offers a selection of wines from this region with a more affordable price.

The Cognac region is located in southwestern France, in the Charente department. It is known for producing grape brandy and dessert wine, including the popular Pinot de Charente, also known as Cognac wine. This fortified wine is made by mixing cognac that is at least 1 year old with barrel-aged grape must, reducing the strength to 16-20%. Fermentation is not used in this case. The grapes used for this wine are grown only in the Charente region, and machine harvesting of berries is permitted, but permanent screw presses are forbidden.

Wines from the Cognac region are known for their fresh, fruity flavor and high sugar content. Some of the grape varieties used to make Cognac wine include:
  • Uni Blanc - calm, even, with good acidity
  • Cabernet Franc - relatively rare, gives plenty of aroma and some tartness, with light notes of currants, raspberries, and violets
  • Semillon - used in multi-varietal wines, gives a subtle oakiness to the palate, good at 6-7 years of age

Cognac wine is very sweet, making it a great stand-alone dessert. It also pairs well with French and other desserts, as well as fruit, cheese, and rich, fatty, and very sweet desserts. It can also be paired with very salty dishes and foods, but should be avoided with spicy foods as they can strongly emphasize the presence of alcohol.

The following grape varieties are commonly grown in the Charente region:
  • Uni Blanc - the most popular grape in the region, resistant to diseases and produces limited but very good yields
  • Fol Blanche and Columbar - produce high yields and are the second most popular grape varieties in the region
  • Semillon - most commonly grown in Bordeaux, takes well in barrel aging and ripens into honey tones and hints of dried fruit
  • Cabernet Franc - originating in France, cultivated all over the world, but not very popular in the Charente region due to its specific cultivation requirements and high cost
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