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Wine from the Chianti Classico Region

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Chianti Classico Wine

Italian wines have been a classic in the wine industry for centuries and Chianti Classico is a popular choice among wine lovers. It offers a unique fruity taste and is best served slightly chilled. This wine is produced in the Chianti region using the varieties Merlot, Canaiolo, and Sangiovese, resulting in a light drink with a maximum alcohol content of 12-13%.

What makes Chianti Classico Wine different?

  • Unique fruity taste
  • Varieties grown in the Chianti region: Merlot, Canaiolo, and Sangiovese
  • Light and refreshing
  • Best served slightly chilled
Chianti Classico wine is a great addition to any dinner and is loved all over the world for its excellent quality and incomparable taste. The ripe berries are grown on fertile soil in a warm Italian climate to produce a special taste. The assortment includes white and red wines that are suitable for long aging in bottles. Some are aged in oak barriques, which enhances their flavor. The price depends on the varietal characteristics, quality, and varieties used in the production.