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Carignano Wine

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Carignano Wine: Characteristics and Production

Carignano wine, also known as Carignan, is a red wine made predominantly from the Carignano grape variety. The grape is known for its ability to produce wines with high tannins and acidity, making it an ideal candidate for blending with other grape varieties.

The characteristics of the Carignano grape include deep black color and thick skin, which provides a good amount of tannins to the wine. The grape is also known for its high acidity which helps to provide a good balance to the wine. To make a wine a Carignano, the winemaker must use at least 85% Carignano grapes. However, it is common for other grape varieties such as Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre to be blended in to provide more complexity to the wine.

Carignano wine originates from the Carignano del Sulcis region of Sardinia, Italy. The winemaking process for Carignano wine involves harvesting the grapes by hand and fermenting them in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then aged for several months in oak barrels before being bottled. This aging process helps to soften the tannins and add complexity to the wine.

When drinking Carignano wine, you can expect a full-bodied wine with dark fruit flavors such as blackberry and black cherry. The wine is known for its firm tannins and high acidity, making it a great wine to pair with food. Carignano wine pairs well with rich meat dishes such as beef stew, lamb, and venison. It also pairs well with aged cheeses such as Cheddar or Parmesan.

Carignano wine is a dry wine, meaning it contains very little residual sugar. It is best served at room temperature, around 16-18°C. A bottle of Carignano typically has an alcohol content of around 13-14%. If you are looking to buy Carignano wine online, look no further than Vi.Wine marketplace. Here, you can order a variety of Carignano wines from different regions and winemakers. Don't miss out on this delicious and robust wine - buy your bottle of Carignano wine today and experience the flavors of Italy in your own home.

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