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Campo Di Sasso Wine

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Campo Di Sasso Wine: A Guide

Campo Di Sasso Wine is a red wine that comes from the Tuscany region of Italy. It is made from a blend of grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot. The wine is known for its complex flavor profile, which includes notes of black fruit, chocolate, and spice.

The grapes used to make Campo Di Sasso are known for their bold, full-bodied flavor profile. Cabernet Sauvignon gives the wine its structure and tannins, while Cabernet Franc adds a spicy note. Merlot provides a softer, more approachable character, while Petit Verdot contributes to the wine's color and aroma.

To be considered a Campo Di Sasso wine, the wine must be made from a blend of these four grape varieties grown in the Campo di Sasso vineyards. The wine is then aged in French oak barrels for up to 18 months, which helps to soften the tannins and add additional complexity and depth to the wine.

Campo Di Sasso is from the Tuscany region of Italy, which is known for its high-quality wine production. The vineyards are located in the coastal town of Bolgheri, which is located in the Maremma region of Tuscany.

Campo Di Sasso wine is made from a blend of carefully selected grapes that are hand-harvested at the optimal point of ripeness. Once the grapes are harvested, they are fermented in stainless steel tanks before being aged in French oak barrels.

Campo Di Sasso wine is known for its full-bodied, complex flavor profile. You can expect notes of black fruit, chocolate, and spice, with a long, lingering finish. The wine has firm tannins that give it structure and a rich, deep color.

Campo Di Sasso wine pairs well with a variety of foods, including grilled meats, hearty stews, and rich pasta dishes. The wine's bold flavor profile can stand up to strong flavors and spices, making it an ideal choice for pairing with bold, flavorful dishes.

Campo Di Sasso wine is dry, with no added sugar. The wine's complex flavor profile comes from the natural sweetness of the grapes and the aging process in French oak barrels.

Campo Di Sasso wine should be served at room temperature, around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow the wine's complex flavor profile to shine through and give you the best tasting experience.

Campo Di Sasso wine typically has an alcohol content of around 14%, which is a fairly standard level for red wines.

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