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Wine from the Kaor Region

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Kaor Wine: A Delight for Wine Lovers

Kaor wine is made from the Kaor grape variety, which is indigenous to the Languedoc area. It is characterized by its deep-purple color and large berries, which are full of juice. This rich color adds to the wine's dark and intense hues, making it visually appealing. The Kaor grape variety is well-known for producing wines that have a robust and full flavor with a strong smell of dark fruits.

To make Kaor wine, the grapes are carefully handpicked, and only the best berries are used to create this fine wine. These grapes are crushed to extract their juice, which is then fermented to create the wine. Traditional and modern techniques are combined, which help bring out the best in the grapes.

Kaor wine is known for its intense and full-bodied flavor, with strong notes of dark fruits such as blackberry, raspberry, and cherry. It has a tinge of black pepper and liquorice, which gives it a spicy and savory aftertaste. The ample tannins and acidity make the wine well-balanced, with a smooth finish that lingers in your mouth. This wine pairs well with a variety of food, including red meat, game, and strong cheeses. It is a dry wine with a hint of sweetness that makes it perfect to serve with a hearty meal. For serving, it's best to chill your wine to 16-18°C to bring out its full flavor.

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