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Bodegas Nekeas Wine

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Bodegas Nekeas Wine: A Spanish Classic

Bodegas Nekeas wine is a Spanish classic that stands out for its smoothness, elegance, and balance. The winery is located in the Navarra region of northern Spain, an area with a long winemaking tradition that dates back to Roman times.

Bodegas Nekeas specializes in the production of high-quality wines made from indigenous grape varieties. The winery is committed to sustainability, using organic and biodynamic practices to cultivate their vineyards.

The grapes used to make Bodegas Nekeas wine are grown in the rocky soils of the Navarra region. The dry climate and cool nights give the grapes their characteristic acidity and minerality, while the warm days promote ripening and flavor development.

Bodegas Nekeas wines are known for their purity, elegance, and harmony. The winery uses only the best grapes, and their winemaking process is based on minimal intervention, allowing the natural flavors and aromas of the grapes to shine through.

Bodegas Nekeas wine is from the Navarra region of Spain, located between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Ebro River.

Bodegas Nekeas wine is made using traditional winemaking techniques combined with modern technology. The grapes are handpicked and carefully sorted before undergoing fermentation and aging in oak barrels.

Bodegas Nekeas wine is complex and nuanced, with flavors of ripe fruit, spice, and oak. Its aroma is floral, with notes of red berries and vanilla. The wine has a smooth, velvety texture and a long, lingering finish.

Bodegas Nekeas wine pairs well with a range of foods, including grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and spicy dishes. It is best served at a cool room temperature, between 16-18°C.

Bodegas Nekeas wine is dry, with no residual sugar.

Bodegas Nekeas wine is best served at a cool room temperature, between 16-18°C.

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