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Bodegas Isla Wine

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About Bodegas Isla Wine

The grapes used in Bodegas Isla wine are grown in a warm climate that provides the perfect conditions for producing a full-bodied, flavorful wine. The grapes are hand-harvested and carefully sorted, then fermented in stainless steel vats and aged in oak barrels for a minimum of six months. This traditional method of production results in a wine with complex flavors and aromas.

Bodegas Isla wine is known for its fruity aroma, intense flavors, and a lingering finish. It is bold, yet well-balanced, making it a great choice for pairing with a variety of different dishes. It is perfect for pairing with spicy dishes, grilled meats, and rich pasta dishes.

Bodegas Isla wine is a dry wine, which means that it is not sweet. It is best served at room temperature or slightly chilled, around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit. A bottle of Bodegas Isla wine typically has an alcohol content of around 12-14%. It is important to decant the wine to allow it to breathe and release its flavors fully.

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