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Bastardo Wine

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Bastardo Wine is a local Frenchman

This section presents red beverages from the Crimea region and not only. The famous Bastardo wine will decorate the evening and give the dishes a French touch.

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The main production is in France. But there this wine is called Trousseau. The name "Bastardo" is used by wines from Russia and some other countries. In Russia, the production of the product is in the Crimea.

Other countries of production:

  • Portugal,

  • Spain,

  • Italy,

  • Argentina,

  • Australia,

  • U.S.

The production is based on high-strength blended wines, including madera. In Portugal this variety is also used to make port.

This grape variety is very difficult for wine production, as it is very small and requires human intervention during the natural fermentation process, as the berries contain a lot of sugars and tannins. Therefore, the higher the quality of this wine, the more expensive it is.

A full, dense, fragrant, rich drink. Bastardo wine has a bright, rich color, a strong smell of fruit, dark and red berries, sweetish taste. There are notes of rose hips, black currant, cherry, blackberry, mulberry, blueberry, flowers and chocolate.

The taste is harmonious, reveals gradually. Can be guessed spicy and spicy notes, slight acidity, a tone of black pepper. The aftertaste is tart with faint mineral and woody notes.

Б. Magarachsky has a taste of cherries and a pronounced spicy flavor - notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom. It gives a smoky note - a slight smell of smoking. May be disclosed by the smell of cherry tree resin. The tartness is balanced. Often blended to reduce the sweetness. Tolerates well in the bottle.

Bastardo wine goes well with meat dishes, game dishes, spicy sausages, pates and other meat snacks. It goes well with mushroom dishes, grilled eggplant, aged hard cheeses.

Sweet can be matched with rich, colorful desserts, buy with ice cream.

Refrigerate obligatory, to 12° - 13° C. Serve with tall glasses with a wide bowl and a large volume.

A red grape variety, very old and very capricious. Originally from France, although the Portuguese consider it their own. There are other synonymous names;

Some of them:

Most of these grapes are grown in France, in the smallest wine-producing region of the Jura. Here it is called Trousseau.

Berries contain a lot of sugar, do not tolerate frosts. Grapes are very difficult to grow. Demanding to soil and weather conditions. Winemakers consider the variety to be extinct. Therefore, it is worth to try this wine while there is an opportunity.

In Crimea and post-Soviet countries its descendant B. Magarachsky. It is very hardy and productive.