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Wine from the Asti Region

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Asti Wine - All about Sparkling Wine

Italy is one of the oldest wine producing countries, accounting for about a quarter of world production. Asti wine is a popular sparkling wine produced in the Piedmont region, named after the town of Asti. You can order it through the reliable service Vi.Wine, where a wide selection of drinks is available.

Asti wine is produced using a classic bottling technology. The following grape varieties are used: "Moscato Bianco," "Moscato di Canelli," "Moscato Rosa," "Brachetto," and "Malvasia di Schierano." To produce the wine, only the white Muscat grapes (Moscato Bianco and Moscato di Canelli) are used, harvested by hand. The natural sugar in the drink is preserved due to the use of "champagnization" technology, which was improved to produce Asti wine. One fermentation is carried out, and the wort is then moved to an autoclave where it is saturated with carbon dioxide. To start fermentation, the wort temperature is raised to 20°C by adding a yeast culture. When the strength reaches about 8%, the process is stopped by cooling. As a result, some sugar remains in the wine, not completely transformed into alcohol, making the drink sweet with a pronounced floral and fruity aroma. Finally, Asti wine is carefully filtered under pressure from the sediment, sealed and bottled.

Below are the tasting characteristics:
  1. Color. The drink has a light hue (yellowish-golden).
  2. Fragrance. The fragrance is delicate, with harmonious notes of peaches, cherries, pear and nutmeg.
  3. Taste/ aftertaste. The drink has an original taste: notes of citrus and apple, honey, lavender, sage and bergamot (characterized by high acidity, close to dry wines). It leaves a pleasant, soft aftertaste.
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Asti wine is often served as an aperitif. It can be served with a cheese plate (both soft and savory cheeses work well together), hearty and sweet pancakes, light summer salads, dessert dishes, fresh fruit and creamy ice cream. To serve Asti wine, use a champagne or flute glass, chilled to a temperature of 7-9°C (can be placed in a bucket of ice).