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Artevino Wine

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Artevino Wine: A Rich and Distinctive Blend

Artevino wine originates from the Bordeaux region in France and is made using a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc grapes. The wine owes its distinctive taste and character to the careful selection, hand-picking, and maturation of grapes for at least 18 months in oak barrels. This meticulous process is the hallmark of the Artevino wine-making tradition.

Artevino wine boasts a deep ruby-red color, with a bouquet of dark fruit, vanilla, and spice. On the palate, you’ll enjoy notes of black currant, plum, and a hint of tobacco, finishing with a smooth elegant character. Pair Artevino wine with dishes like grilled meats, mature cheeses, and pasta for a perfect match.

Serve Artevino wine slightly below room temperature, around 16-18°C, in a Bordeaux or Burgundy wine glass to enhance its flavors and aromas. This dry wine has an alcohol content of around 12-14%.

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