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Ar.Pe.Pe. stands for Valtellina winery Ar.Pe.Pe., which is a family-run winery located in Sondrio, Lombardy, Italy, and has been established for over 150 years.

Ar.Pe.Pe. wines are made with 100% Nebbiolo grape, also known as Chiavennasca, which is the principal grape variety grown in the nearby Alpine foothills. These grapes have a thick skin and are known to produce full-bodied and complex notes of fruit, floral and mineral flavors in wines.

Ar.Pe.Pe. wines are made by following traditional methods of winemaking, following careful grape selection, precise fermentation, and aging in large oak barrels for several years. The result is a complex yet elegant red wine that ages spectacularly well in the cellar.

Ar.Pe.Pe. wines are produced in the Valtellina region of Lombardy, Italy, located in the picturesque Alpine mountains lining the Swiss border.

Ar.Pe.Pe. wines are made by following traditional methods of winemaking. The grapes are harvested by hand and go through a rigorous selection process before fermentation, which takes place in large steel vats. The wine then ages in large oak casks for several years before bottling, which imparts unique flavors and tannins to each bottle.

Ar.Pe.Pe. wines possess a unique aromatic profile with flavors of raspberry, blackberry, black cherry, and notes of violet, roses, and spices. They offer a remarkable balance of fruit and tannins that gives them softness, elegance, and a long-lasting finish.

Ar.Pe.Pe. wine is a versatile wine that pairs beautifully with various dishes. It pairs excellently with aged cheese, red meat, game, and many poultry dishes.

Ar.Pe.Pe. wine is dry with a robust fruity taste.

Ar.Pe.Pe. wine is best served at room temperature ranging from 60-65 °F.

Ar.Pe.Pe. wines are full-bodied wine with an alcohol content of around 13-14%.


Overall, Ar.Pe.Pe. wine is a unique Italian wine that offers a blend of history, tradition, and excellence. So, buy Ar.Pe.Pe. wine online at the Vi.Wine marketplace to experience the unique flavors that are true to the Nebbiolo grape. Order today and savor the taste of one of the best Italian wines you can buy!