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Areni Wine

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Areni is a red grape variety grown in the Aragatsotn region of Armenia. This grape is used to produce a variety of red and rose dry, semi-dry, and semi-sweet wines. One unique aspect of Areni wines is that both mono-varietal and blended wines are produced, often with Akhtanak, Saperavi, and Kamrayut grapes. The bouquet of these wines is characterized by notes of plums, cherries, candied fruits, chocolate, smoke, and minerals. Many people appreciate the balance of fruitiness, smokiness, and minerality in Areni wines. These wines pair well with a variety of dishes, including beef with prunes, steaks, kebabs, cheeses, fruits, and desserts. You can purchase the best Areni wines at affordable prices from the Vi.Wine store. Additional:
  • Areni grapes are grown in the high-altitude vineyards of Armenia, which gives the wines a unique character.
  • The indigenous grape variety is an important part of Armenian winemaking tradition and culture.
  • The popularity of Areni wines is increasing in international markets, with many wine enthusiasts discovering the unique flavors and aromas of these wines.