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Aquila Del Torre Wine

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Aquila Del Torre Wine: A Rich and Complex Italian Blend from Friuli

Aquila Del Torre is an Italian wine that comes from the Friuli region, located in the northeast of the country. The wine is named after the family that owns the vineyard and is known for its rich, complex flavor profile.

The grapes used in Aquila Del Torre wine are primarily Friulano, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc. The Friulano grape is known for its nutty and fruity notes, while Pinot Grigio adds a crisp acidity and Sauvignon Blanc adds herbal and floral aromas.

What makes a wine an Aquila Del Torre is not only the specific blend but also the unique winemaking techniques used by the family. They cultivate their grapes with a specific focus on organic and sustainable practices, using natural yeasts during fermentation to enhance the wine's character.

When it comes to taste, Aquila Del Torre wine has a medium to full body, aromas of ripe fruit, nuts, and herbs, with a smooth finish. It is dry, but it has a rich and complex palate that leaves a lingering taste in your mouth.

Aquila Del Torre wine is a perfect match with a wide variety of foods, including fish, poultry, and white meat. It can be paired with creamy pasta dishes, such as risotto, and is often served with aged cheese and charcuterie.

When it comes to serving Aquila Del Torre wine, it is best to serve it at about 10-12°C or 50-53°F. This temperature allows the flavors and aromas to come through, but it is not too cold to mute them.

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