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Angelo Rocca E Figli Wine

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Angelo Rocca E Figli Winery: A Legacy of 150 Years

Angelo Rocca E Figli is a prestigious Italian winery that has been in the business for over 150 years. Located at the heart of the wine-producing region of Barbaresco, close to the city of Alba in the Piedmont area, the winery is famous for creating fine wines that capture the essence of the region in every bottle.

One of the factors that distinguish Angelo Rocca E Figli wines from other Italian wines is the use of Nebbiolo grapes. Nebbiolo is an ancient grape variety that originated in Piedmont and is known for its tannic structure and high acidity. The grape produces robust flavors of dark fruits, leather, tobacco, and earthy undertones, which are characteristics of Angelo Rocca E Figli wines.

Angelo Rocca E Figli winemakers employ a meticulous winemaking process, which includes manual harvesting of the grapes, destemming, and fermentation in temperature-controlled tanks. The wine then ages for several years in oak barrels, adding to the complexity of the wine.

Angelo Rocca E Figli wines are renowned for their intense aroma and rich character. The wine has a full-bodied structure, robust aroma of dark fruits and spices, with earthy undertones. It has a high tannin content, giving it a velvety texture, and pairs perfectly with grilled meats, hard cheeses, and pasta dishes with red sauces.

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