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Alicante Wine

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Alicante Wine

Alicante wine comes from the province of the same name, where a wide variety of grape varieties are grown. Berries are used to create white, red, pink, sweet, liqueur, sparkling and other drinks. A peculiarity of the region's production is that there are no signs on the bottles to distinguish the level of dryness or sweetness of the drink. Most often the region offers dry and semi-dry wines, attracting with their lightness and fine fruity acidity. The level of acidity depends on the climatic conditions. If the berries get little sun, the wine will be dry and less sweet. The taste is also influenced by the technological process. The region's wines are sold far beyond the country's borders. For this, it is worth going to specialized stores.

What makes Alicante wine different?

  • Wide variety of grape varieties used
  • Production of different types of wines including white, red, pink, sweet, liqueur, sparkling and more
  • No signs on bottles to distinguish dryness or sweetness level
  • Dry and semi-dry wines with lightness and fine fruity acidity are popular
  • Acidity level depends on climatic conditions and technological process
  • Region's wines are sold internationally

What do people like about Alicante wine?

  • Lightness
  • Fine fruity acidity
  • Availability of different types of wine
  • Widespread availability