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Alexandrouli Wine

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Alexandrouli Wine: A Unique Red Wine from Georgia

Alexandrouli wine is a unique red wine from Georgia, made from the Alexandrouli grape variety native to the Kakheti region. It is known for its complex flavors and aromas, and for the traditional winemaking methods used to produce it.

The Alexandrouli grape is a thin-skinned, medium-sized grape with low yield. It has a moderate acidity and high sugar levels, ideal for the winemaking process.

Alexandrouli wine is made by fermenting handpicked grapes with wild yeast in traditional qvevri clay vessels buried in the ground. The wine is then aged for up to two years, without filtration or clarification.

Alexandrouli wine is from the Kakheti region of Georgia, where it has been produced for centuries. It is gaining popularity around the world for its unique character and flavor.

Alexandrouli wine is a medium-bodied wine, with a moderate acidity and a medium tannin structure. It has complex flavors and aromas, with notes of red fruits, herbs, and spices.

Alexandrouli wine pairs well with grilled meats, spicy dishes, hearty stews, strong cheeses, and dark chocolate.

Alexandrouli wine is a dry red wine, with a medium level of tannins and a moderate acidity.

To enjoy Alexandrouli wine at its best, decant it for at least an hour before serving. It is best served at a temperature between 16-18 degrees Celsius, in a large, wide-rimmed glass.

Alexandrouli wine typically has an alcohol content of around 12-14%.

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